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Check Your New (used) Car!

After a few days, weeks or months of hunting for your dream used car, what do you do when you get it? Unlike a new car, where you just drive it feeling happy, safe and comfortable, a used car initially requires some special treatment so that you can use it safely and comfortably.

Forget about accessories and 'cosmetic' devices. The most important thing is how to make your car usable without worry.

Then what should be done? Broadly speaking, there are several important activities such as:

If there is a reliable maintenance track record of the car, immediately look at what components have and have not been replaced. It is very beneficial if the car has been regularly maintained before, because all you have to do is continue maintenance according to schedule.

Do a general check up on your car. This inspection can be carried out at an authorized repair shop according to the car brand or simply do it at a workshop that you trust. This can identify what problems exist and what potential problems may arise in the future. Ask your trusted repair shop to provide a list of repairs to do.

If the maintenance history is not available, perform standard procedures such as replacing the timing belt and its tensioner, spark plugs, all fluids such as engine oil, drive lubricant, radiator water, power steering oil and brake fluid and all filters such as oil, fuel and air filters. 

Also check the condition of the drive belt/fan belt, brake shoes/brake canvas, lights, shock absorbers, tires, foot components such as wheel bearings, tierod, ball joint and stabilizer link, replace if they are worn or damaged. 

Completely record when and at what kilometers you replace all of these components to make it easier for you to arrange a maintenance schedule.

After the car is healthy, it's time for you to think about important things such as cabin cooling (AC), do service at a specialist workshop if you feel that the AC performance is not optimal. Currently driving will feel very uncomfortable when the air conditioner does not work properly, because the air quality is already so bad.

At the final stage you can choose to do activities that can add comfort as well as improve appearance such as modifying audio, replacing window films, reconditioning the interior with leather and painting or repairing some parts of the car body that are deformed or have aged.

The thing to remember is, do all of these things on a priority scale, do it gradually, it's not a problem, but prioritize things related to driving safety. Do not hesitate to ask for opinions from friends and mechanics or repair shops who understand your car.