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So Easy! How To Prevent High Uric Acid From An Early Age To Avoid Gout Disease.

Gout is a disease that cannot be underestimated, when uric acid attacks the joints affected by gout it will feel very painful, if not treated properly then gout can cause inflammation in the joints that are affected and will make you worse. suffer. 

In some cases, patients with gout are already severe and sometimes the sufferer cannot walk properly because the joints are swollen and inflamed. Even to put on shoes is very difficult.

To be able to deal with high uric acid properly, you must know how to prevent high uric acid so that those of you who have not and those who have been affected by gout still have the opportunity to avoid high uric acid by preventing high uric acid. 

Actually, the main cause of gout is because there are too many purine substances in the human body, so these purine substances then accumulate in the joints and cause inflammation. 

Purine substances are substances that are easily found in food consumed by humans, these purine substances can be in foods of animal or plant origin. 

When you continue to consume foods that contain purines when you have gout, no matter what you do to prevent high uric acid, it will be in vain. 

Because the purine substance is the source of your gout disease. Usually this uric acid attacks starting from the age of 40 years onwards.

However, for women, the benchmark for getting gout is after menopause, because after menopause, women's bones and joints will be more fragile because at menopause women do not produce female hormones which also affect bone density. 

In order to take steps to prevent high uric acid, you must also be aware that you are not as healthy as you used to be, so don't try to break the must-do rules on how to prevent high uric acid. 

When you have gout, there are many foods that you can no longer eat because they contain purines. Purine substances that are in the human body in large quantities will turn into uric acid substances that accumulate in joints such as the elbows, knees and ankles. 

This will be exacerbated by the condition of your kidneys that are not good so they cannot process and remove excess substances from the body such as uric acid. Kidney conditions that do not function properly can be caused by the large amount of purine substances in your body. 

After that, when the uric acid has accumulated in the joints, your joints will feel hot, swollen, achy and painful due to inflammation. If it's like this then you must take steps to prevent high uric acid immediately. 

In the stages of how to prevent high uric acid, the first step you have to do in preventing high uric acid is to avoid consuming foods that can increase purine substances in your body so that uric acid gets higher. 

There are several types of food that you should not eat, namely foods that are high in fat and protein, offal, canned food, seafood or seafood, meats such as duck, beef, goat you can't eat anymore. 

Vegetables such as chickpeas, beans, cassava leaves, spinach, cauliflower and papaya leaves. Eggs, ice cream and cheese are also taboo for you when you want to do ways to prevent high uric acid. 

Indeed, all of these are very delicious foods, but what is the power of these foods is the source of your gout disease. Traditional ingredients in how to prevent high uric acid which are formulated by themselves from ingredients that are easily available around you.

The next step in how to prevent high uric acid that you can do is to consume traditional ingredients that are formulated yourself from ingredients found in nature, which are as follows: 

1. Red Sweet Potato and Clove Herb.

The first ingredient that you can mix to do how to prevent high uric acid is made from red sweet potatoes and cloves. 
  1. You need to prepare 5 cloves.
  2. Kapalaga as much as 5 points.
  3. Cinnamon for 1 finger knuckle.
  4. Nutmeg seeds as much as 5 grams.
  5. 15 grams of red ginger.
  6. 1000 ml of water.
  7. 200 grams of sweet potato. 
Boil all ingredients except sweet potato in water until it boils and only half is left. Strain and drink the water immediately. As for the sweet potatoes, you can steam them and eat them just like that. That's how to prevent high uric acid with red sweet potatoes and cloves. 

2. Bay Leaf Herb.

Bay leaf which is one of the complements to our cuisine is very good to use in preventing high uric acid. In addition, bay leaves are also good for preventing diabetes. 

For gout, you must prepare 10 bay leaves, try to find bay leaves that are not too dry, then you also need 2 cups of clean water. 

Boil the bay leaves in 2 cups of water until cooked and only 1 cup is left to drink. Drink this concoction every day in the morning and evening. 

3. Bitter melon herb.

Bitter gourd is famous for its bitter taste, but it turns out that you can use bitter melon to prevent high uric acid. 

The only ingredients you need to prepare are a bitter gourd and 2 glasses of clean water. To prepare you need to peel and remove the seeds of the bitter gourd, then the flesh of the pare is cut and immediately boiled with 2 cups of water. 

If the stew is already boiling and only half of the original is left, the boiled water is ready to drink. You simply drink this decoction 1 time every day.

4. Noni Fruit Ingredients.

To do how to prevent the next high uric acid, then you can use noni fruit to prevent the uric acid you suffer from getting higher. 

Noni fruit in Indonesia is very easy to find, this fruit is not like other fruits that are delicious to eat and taste sweet or sour. Noni fruit is greenish yellow when ripe and the texture of the flesh feels soft when ripe, besides that the smell is also very strong. 

To be made as an ingredient to prevent gout, the noni fruit must be made into juice. But that won't get rid of the smell at all. Therefore most people do not like to drink it. 

That's how to prevent and at the same time overcome high uric acid from an early age so that from now on to avoid gout and other disease complaints related to veins or nerves that need to be addressed. Hope it is useful!